What is a smart home?

‘Smart Home’ is a relatively new term. But what is a smart home? Well, the answer can be quite broad. Some might say that a ‘smart home’ is something where your fridge orders milk for you… We believe a smart home is a lot more important than that. A smart home should actually improve the way you and your family live in your own four walls.

A smart home isn’t about taking out your phone every time you want to turn the lights on or turn the heating on. We offer a real smart home solution – one that you don’t have to have complicated switches or touch screens for your home to work. A smart home should be about your home knowing what to do for you. It knows when to turn the lights on or off, what temperature to set each room to, when you want to listed to music, when to charge your car to make use of the excess solar energy produced from your home’s PV panels. It does all of this without you having to do anything. 

In fact, a true smart home knows what to do and gets to work before you’ve even woken up. It slowly starts to raise the blinds in the kitchen to let in the morning sun and heat the room, without having to turn the radiators on. It gets your morning playlist ready to play when you’re in the shower. It makes sure that overnight, your car was fully charged. On those winter mornings, your home fades up the lighting and music to wake you and your family.

A smart home doesn’t have to be about modern technology everywhere, either. A smart home can be traditional, minimalist, quaint, open plan, a listed building or a new build. A real smart home is about what happens behind the scenes to improve the way you live in your home, it not about making it more complicated with technology.

Automation in a smart home is exactly that; automation. It is about your home taking care of thousands of tasks for your without you having to do anything, ultimately giving you more time for the more important things in life, like family. This intelligent level of automation actually improves the way you live in your home – technology that is not overpowering or intrusive in anyway yet make life easier. That’s the smart way of living.

Smart Home Features

Smart Lighting

So much more than just having your lights turn on and off automatically.

Smart Heating

Energy-efficient zoned heating and intelligently automates itself.

Smart Security

Receive alerts and monitor your home or holiday home from anywhere in the world.

Smart Multimedia

Multi room audio, home cinema, AV distribution. Discover the possibilities of smart multimedia.

Smart Shading

Blinds and curtains that close automatically based on the position of the sun and time of day.

Smart EV Charging

Divert excess energy from your PV panels to your car charger based on demand.

Trusted Manufacturer

We only install products that are tried and trusted. This is the brand we work with to deliver real smart homes.