Smart Home Security

The smart security system you can rely on… At night, when you are asleep, your Eureka Smart Home keeps watch, looking out for you and your family. Should an intruder be detected, it will immediately alert you with a phone call, turning the multiroom audio on at full volume, flashing the lights throughout the house, and opening the blinds so as to expose anyone inside your home that shouldn’t be there. Your home will also let you know if a potential fire or water leak is detected.

In your home, you can feel completely safe. It deters burglars for you, watches over the whole family, protects itself and preserves your privacy. The Smart Home offers a powerful security solution, with a variety of security and alarm functions. Your home thinks on its feet and offers fully automatic protection. At night, whilst you sleep, your home is on alert. In your absence, it automatically goes into security mode and watches carefully to protect against burglary, water leaks or adverse weather.

Like an invisible shield, a smart home protects your home from unwanted guests. It reliably detects intruders and reacts with highly conspicuous flashing lights and a loud siren sound to deter even the most determined of intruders. With presence simulation, you can go on holiday with peace of mind, since your home will be busy acting as if someone were home; the blinds raise and lower and lights switch on and off, following the same routine as always Should a thief gain access to your home, your home will inform you immediately via the app.

Smart Home Features

Smart Lighting

So much more than just having your lights turn on and off automatically.

Smart Heating

Energy-efficient zoned heating and intelligently automates itself.

Smart Security

Receive alerts and monitor your home or holiday home from anywhere in the world.

Smart Multimedia

Multi room audio, home cinema, AV distribution. Discover the possibilities of smart multimedia.

Smart Shading

Blinds and curtains that close automatically based on the position of the sun and time of day.

Smart EV Charging

Divert excess energy from your PV panels to your car charger based on demand.

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Trusted Manufactures

We only install products that are tried and trusted. These are the brands we work with to deliver real smart homes.

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